Tips for New or First Time Managers - By Nicole Attias

Are you a first-time manager who has always worked independently? If you are not accustomed to working with different personality-types, this is the article for you.

Many people enjoy doing what they do, but feel uncomfortable in their work environments for a multitude of reasons, the obvious one, being "office politics" and not getting along with certain people. If you are strong at getting tasks done on time and feel proud of your work, but dislike the pressure of confronting or managing others, these are some simple tips:

1. Change up your usual agenda for upcoming meetings:

Whether your team meets once a week or once a month, make your meetings worthwhile. Staff become complacent when everything stays the same. Walk into your meeting and discuss real issues, such as lateness at arriving at work or handing in projects. The idea is to become more assertive, if this is typically not "your style." Do whatever is opposite to shock your team. Believe me they will listen!

2. Work with different personalities:

Pick up a few books on understanding personalities at work. They will do wonders at teaching you how to approach people when you want them to do what it is you are asking for. Understand your own personality better so that you know yourself in a new way. Take time practicing new techniques when communicating to others.

3. Work with a coach:

Find new ways to approach staff one-on-one or in a group setting by working with a coach. Again, you will be asked to do things differently and encouraged to note weekly progress of your efforts. Once you, as a manager have your priorities set, you can then decide if the whole team could benefit from training on communication or team-building.
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